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Starting in 2013, new domain extensions will forever change how the world interacts on the Web. Internet users will have the option of selecting memorable domains reflecting their online presence and ventures. New TLDs will naturally resonate with consumers and enable an intuitive Web experience.


.Bar is a new Generic Top Level Domain, owned by Mexico City-based Punto 2012, that is specifically geared for the bars, pubs and nightclubs, including bar and restaurant guides, critics, delivery services, wine and liquor, and related industries. The launch of this domain is part of a new phase of the Internet, where domain endings are more defined and better categorized. The availability of .bar over legacy domains such as .com or .net, enable businesses to use short, descriptive and accessible URLs that better define what they are and what they do. 

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The building and construction community represents one of the largest industries on the planet. Traditionally a brick and mortar vertical, the building community has begun to embrace information technology with recent advances like BIM (Building Information Modeling). The industry has now reached a tipping point, and is poised to embrace an online renaissance in the form of the .build community.

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The mission and purpose of .BUZZ is to be family-friendly registration space for registrants seeking to label their Internet-based content as noteworthy and as to what's happening right now. 

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dotCEO is the new Top Level Domain for leaders. The modern, social media savvy type who have a voice and want to control the message. dotCEO domains add a lot more value than a dotCom. dotCEO communicates instantly who you are to the world’s most powerful audience.

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.College is an easily adaptable, unrestricted global domain extension for academic institutions, education-related services, corporations and students who are seeking an online presence. When registering a .College domain name, users will not be held to any specific accreditation requirements, and there will be no restrictions in the number of domain names they are able to obtain. As the first extension of its kind, .College opens the door to new opportunities and innovation online.  

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The .DANCE Top Level Domain is giving a stage to dancers of all abilities. Amateurs and professionals alike will benefit from the increased online presence. Those still looking to break it big can take advantage of this new, low-cost way of being discovered online. Established professionals will be more easily identified, creating job opportunities and exposure.

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Support of a political party is more than just a stance on issues; it’s a statement of identity. Take this self-expression online with a .DEMOCRAT web address. Democratic parties, particularly the Democratic Party in the United States, embrace a broad spectrum of support. People from all social and economic backgrounds make up the party’s electorate. This varied group of people can now be united online with a .DEMOCRAT Top Level Domain. 

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A symbol for those that do good: .eco is for organizations, businesses and people committed to positive change for the planet.

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.GLOBAL makes a definitive positioning statement signalling your multinational business operations. A strong and important message for organizations of all sizes who aim to transact on a global platform. .GLOBAL is a new Top-Level Domain that positions you internationally. 

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The .ink TLD is one of the most creative uses of the new TLD landscape - promising to bring a memorable, succinct, and unique name to many types of producers and artists. It spans a variety of interests, from tattooing to corporate printing and ink manufacturing, but there is an undeniable shared interest in bringing more inspired art and communication to the world.

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.IRISH is a new top-level domain (TLD) for the global Irish community which can be used by businesses, brands, organizations and people all over the world to market and develop products & services while clearly identifying with the word ‘Irish’. By simply making it possible to put the word ‘Irish’ after the dot in a web address, .IRISH provides a truly meaningful domain name that clearly says Irish. 

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The .LUXURY gTLD provides a brandable platform to meet the unique needs of the luxury market. Businesses in the luxury industry will have the opportunity to strengthen their brands, better reach their target audiences, while offering consumers an easier way to find luxury products and services under the .LUXURY gTLD.

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A .MARKET domain name could apply to any place where goods are bought and sold. It could be a website for an online marketplace, or it could be used for websites with information about farmers markets or flea markets. 

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.menu will target restaurants and food enthusiasts in an effort to contribute to the evolving online culinary experience. People spend countless hours surfing the web for menus, dining suggestions, restaurant information, reviews and offers, recipes and ingredient and dietary details. With the introduction of .MENU all of this information will be found in one central location.

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The .NINJA Top Level Domain is giving experts everywhere a new way of presenting themselves online. Professionals will appreciate the casual, yet authoritative way of expressing their expertise. Gamers will enjoy the instant recognition a .NINJA domain name brings. All will be the envy of their peers because, let’s face it, being a .NINJA is just plain cool. 

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.POKER is the only internet address that is dealing out domain names that are perfect for all things related to the game of Poker! You can bet that .POKER will make your website stand out among in the pack because a .POKER domain means that your site (and you!) are “all in” about poker and are truly dedicated to players and the game.

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The .PUB Top Level Domain gives you an instantly recognizable online space. First-time guests will find your pub more easily with this unique web address. Regulars will know exactly where to go for updates on events and band bookings. Both will help you increase site traffic and generate greater revenues. 

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Top Level Domains like .REPUBLICAN are expected to be one of the fastest growing online markets. Join the international community of associations and companies that understand the promise of this historic opportunity.

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.Rest is a new Generic Top Level Domain, owned by Mexico City based Punto 2012, that is specifically geared for the food and beverage industry, including restaurants, restaurant guides, critics, delivery services, and related industries. The launch of this domain is part of a new phase of the Internet, where domain endings are more defined and better categorized. The availability of .rest over legacy domains such as .com or .net, enable businesses to use short, descriptive and accessible domain names that better define what they are and what they do. 

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Online reviews have grown into one of the most important factors of the purchase cycle. Nearly 80% of Americans say that online reviews influence their purchase decisions. With a .REVIEWS web address, there’s now a unique opportunity to become involved at the first stages of consumer engagement. A .REVIEWS web site commands customers’ attention and help usher them towards the final sale.

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However you define “rocks,” it’s got a use that fits your website. It’s great for bands and musicians that want to brand their websites with an extension that stands out from the crowd, or you could use .ROCKS simply state that your website is awesome! 

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With the proliferation of social media and groundswell-based marketing, it's more important than ever that content is part of the conversation. A .SOCIAL domain name is the place for brands, organizations, and individuals to showcase their social media interactions, content, and connections. It’s instantly recognizable, giving you an easy-to-find hub for online conversations.

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.SOFTWARE domain names are perfect for software development companies, publishers, engineers, sales professionals, and any other individual, business, or organization associated with software. It instantly brands your website as software-related and and sets you apart from the competition. 

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Vegas is one of the most iconic, recognized brands in the world. That recognition extends to people of all walks of life and is synonymous with innovation, excitement, vibrancy and prosperity. Owning a .Vegas domain name is like owning a piece of Vegas itself.

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The .wiki TLD is one of the most visible examples of the largest ever expansion of the Internet. It is making wikis more valuable through greater visibility and ease of use, and its flagship store offers hosting solutions specifically designed with wiki in mind. Most Internet users are familiar with the concept of wikis thanks to’s status as one of the most highly trafficked websites in the world. 

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Preregister Your .xyz Domain Name Today! .xyz is a bold, fresh choice for users who crave creativity and flexibility in a domain name. It’s instinctive. It’s natural. It makes sense. XYZ is used daily, worldwide, as a short, easy to remember phrase. Anyone can use .xyz for any purpose. .xyz is an international extension, so users across the globe can register a .xyz domain name and connect with their audience. We end the alphabet with XYZ – we end a domain name the same way.

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