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The .wiki TLD is one of the most visible examples of the largest ever expansion of the Internet. It is making wikis more valuable through greater visibility and ease of use, and its flagship store offers hosting solutions specifically designed with wiki in mind. Most Internet users are familiar with the concept of wikis thanks to’s status as one of the most highly trafficked websites in the world. Learn More »

All domain orders during sunrise and landrush must be placed at a registrar accredited for .WIKI. We will notify you once each of these phases begin.

.WIKI Launch Stages

NameJet's Auction services provide the resolution mechanism for instances in which two or more applicants successfully place orders for a given domain name.

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Registry Information

Registry Information

Top Level Design, LLC, the company bringing you .wiki web addresses, is involved in 8 other applications for TLDs with ICANN. The rest of our current portfolio is: .ink, .art, .blog, .group, .llc, .design, .style, and .gay. Many of these have multiple other applicants and so Top Level Design, LLC is working with ICANN and the other parties to bring these TLDs to market with strong teams supporting them.

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