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  To create a Test Account or request production API access.

Create a Test Account

An account is created in our test environment ( using your login ID. We'll email you the test account password.


Try out the NameJet API in our test environment

The NameJet API uses the RESTful calling style. Below, you can execute commands and view the request and response in XML/Json.


Request access to the production API

To request access to our production API, you need to submit a ticket with your IP address(s) via the Help Center

Try Out The NameJet API

Select an API Command (These API Commands run against

Use this API to get backorder details for the domain name of interest. This API is available for configured customers.
Key Value Description
loginID Test account login.
password Test account password.
domainName Domain name of interest.

Request XmlJson


<?xml version="1.0"?>

Response Parameters

domainname: Domain name of interest
backordertype: Can be Pre Release, Pending Delete or Wish List
backorderbydate: Backorder by this date and time
currentbid: Current bid
highbid: High bid
minimumbid: Minimum bid
bidders: Number of bidders
domaintype: Domain source type
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