DomainDefend Online Brand Protection Service

Protect Your Name. Protect Your Brand.

Why gamble with your brand's identity online? With thousands of domain names becoming available daily, names with variations of your trademarked name can easily be snatched up by competitors. You have invested extensively in your company's brand and reputation; let us protect your online presence with DomainDefend ™ Online Brand Protection Service.

We proactively review all trademark-related names coming through the Expiring and Deleting inventory and offer these to you, BEFORE the general public has access to these names. Other services like ours let too many names slip by, and into the wrong hands. Our patented technology offers the best chance to acquire any names that would be valuable to your brand, with no obligation to buy!

How It Works

  • Compile a list of keywords and trademarks you want to protect
  • We continuously search for related domain names and send them to you weekly
  • Purchase as many or as few as you wish.There is no obligation to buy!
  • We continue to monitor on your behalf


  • No set-up fee or financial commitments
  • Exclusive access to expiring and deleting inventory
  • Avoid expensive trademark suits to get a domain name
  • Keep your resources to run your business, let us protect your name!
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Our patented technology of catching names means you have the best chance of getting the ones you want.

Join companies like Hallmark and Walgreens and let us protect the online brand you have worked so hard to build. Contact us today for more information about DomainDefend Online Brand Protection Service.