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How does Search Work?

Hundreds of thousands of high quality expired and privately held domain names are available right now. To help you locate the right domain for your portfolio or business, we have provided a comprehensive and robust search capability.

The search tool defaults to Basic Search. We have configured Basic Search to search against the most typical top-level domains (TLDs) and broadest inventory available.

However, if you want to refine or expand your search parameters, you should use Advanced Search filters.

How do I place an order for a name?

When you find a name you are interested in, click the "Backorder", "Available Soon", "In Auction", "Make Offer", or "Buy It Now" text in the Status column. You can then click the "View Cart" link to proceed to your shopping cart and place your order.

How do I use watch list?

Watching allows you to monitor the bidding activity for a domain name without committing to a bid. Only names in the "In Auction" status can be added to your watch list. After logging in, you can select the binoculars icon( ) in the Watch column to add it to your My Bids & Watched Domains page with the status "Watching". That name will now appear on the search results page with a starred binoculars icon ( ) to indicate that you are watching it. Clicking the starred binoculars icon will remove it from your watch list. To view or manage the domain names you are watching, you can either click on "View My Active & Watched Domains" on the search results page, or go to My Account >.

Advanced Search Filter Options

Search Type

This option expands your keyword using a thesaurus to increase the number of similar domain names that are returned. This is an excellent option if you are willing to consider domain names that are similar to the keyword you supplied.

Matches exactly
This option limits results to the exact keyword specified. This is the default option used when a domain name and TLD (e.g. fully specified domain name) are entered. Please note that some search filters such as Minimum bid and Order by date are not available when using Matches keyword exactly.

This option returns all domain names that contain the keyword specified.

Starts with
This option returns all domain names that begin with the keyword specified.

Ends with
This option returns all domain names that end with the keyword specified.


Filters results based on category or sub-category. To filter by sub-category, first select a top-level category, then select a relevant sub-category from the adjacent pulldown menu.

Name Source filter

Domain names that will be deleting soon, usually within 5-7 days.

Domain names that are expected to begin auctioning in the next thirty days.

Private Seller
Resale domain names being sold by private sellers through the platform. Some of these names will be offered through auction, and some will be Buy It Now listings available for instant purchase.

To search all name sources, click the "select all" link; you can clear all name source selections by clicking "clear all".

Listing type filter

Buy It Now
Listings available for instant purchase.

In Auction
Listings in auction right now and available exclusively.

Make Offer
Listings from sellers willing to negotiate anonymously.

Available Soon
Listings expected to begin auctioning in the next thirty days. Sources include expiring domain names and deleting domain names.

Top Level Domains (TLDs) filter

By default, .com, .net, and .org are selected. Add or remove domain name TLDs you wish to include or exclude in your search by selecting the appropriate checkbox. You can click the "select all" link to select all displayed TLDs or "clear all" to deselect all TLDs.

Special events filter

Limits results to those related to the special event selected in the pulldown menu. By default, no special event will be selected.

No hyphens filter

Excludes domain names with hyphens. By default, this option is turned off.

No numbers filter

Excludes domain names with numbers. By default, this option is turned off.

No IDNs filter

Excludes internationalized domain names (those beginning with "xn-"), which contain one or more non-ASCII characters. By default, this option is turned off.

"Order by" date filter
Limits results to just those domain names that must be ordered within the specified time periods. By default, domain names with all Order by dates are returned.

- anytime (default)
- within 1 day
- within 2 days
- within 3 days
- within 4 days
- within 5 days
- within 6 days
- within 7 days
- within 30 days

Maximum price filter

Allows you to specify the maximum bid or price for domain names.

Maximum characters filter

Allows you to specify the maximum number of characters in a domain name.

Maximum words filter

Allows you to restrict the number of dictionary words in the domain names returned by search.

Save Your Search

You can save your search criteria in the Advanced Search area by entering a name for your search under "Save current search criteria as:" and clicking the "Save" button. You can also check the box next to "Email me new results" to have new results sent to the email address on your Account Information page. If you are logged in, you can select your saved search under "Load saved search:" and the page will refresh with results based on those criteria. To delete a saved search, select it under "Load saved search:" and click the "Delete" button.

Export to Excel/CSV

You can download the current page of search results in Microsoft Excel format (.csv) by clicking the "Export to Excel/CSV" link at the top and bottom of your search results.

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