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.PW Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Landrush application fees?
For Landrush, there is an application fee plus a 2-year registration fee that will vary depending on the registrar.

How do I apply for a domain during Landrush?
Landrush applications should be submitted to an accredited .PW registrar. The registry will allocate names after Landrush ends on 22nd March 2013. NameJet does not have access to application status updates.

How long do the .PW auctions last?
Auctions run for five days and end between 16:30 and 18:30 GMT on the final day, or 8:30 and 10:30am PST.

Can I change the email address NameJet uses to send me the link to create my account?
Unfortunately, no. The email address used by you as your registrant contact email address at the registrar, is used to create your Namejet account. You can update your NameJet account email to be used for future auction notifications.

What if I did not create my NameJet account?
You will be sent a “Last Chance” reminder three days prior to the auction start date. If you do not create a NameJet account then, you will be excluded from the auction. There is not a way to join an auction after it begins.

How do I add more domains to my NameJet Pre-Orders?
There is not a way to add new pre-orders via NameJet. You can visit an accredited .PW registrar and place orders for additional domains. All landrush orders need to be placed before 22nd March, 2013.

Will all domains go into the same account?
Yes – All future domains from your registrar with the same registrant email and same TLD will be automatically added to the same NameJet account.

What is the minimum bid amount for .PW auctions?
The starting bid for the .PW NameJet auctions is $25.

Where do I find my Pre-Ordered domains?
Once you respond to the original email and create your NameJet account, you can easily monitor all auctions. From the Dashboard, just click on the My Pre-Orders link. A report will be available to show the status for all domains received from the registry.

How do I know when the auction will start?
The auctions will begin 7 days after the close of the landrush period (22nd March, 2013). You will be notified about the auction via an email from NameJet prior to the auction start. NameJet will email a notification indicating the start and exact ending time/date for each auction. All auction closing times are in the Pacific Time zone. You can manage your auctions from the My Auctions page.

How much can I bid for a domain?
The maximum (all combined active auctions) bid amount for non-verified NameJet customers is $2,500. There are no bidding restrictions for Verified Bidders. See Verified Bidder page.

How do I pay for the domains that I win?
NameJet will automatically attempt to charge the credit card in your account within an hour after the auction closes (for all domains under $5000). If your purchase is over $5000, a bank wire transfer is required.

What is a Pre-Order?
A pre-order refers to customer orders that have been placed for new TLDs that have yet to launch. Any applications submitted for sunrise and landrush auctions before they begin are pre-orders (whereas a backorder placed at NameJet is for an expiring or privately sold domain).

What is a Proxy Bid?
A proxy bid is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the domain name. The proxy bidding capability will only auto-bid to an amount that will enable you to be the highest bidder for a domain. If other participants continue to submit bids, the auto-bid process will bid on your behalf until the amount reaches your maximum bid amount.

How will I get updates about the auctions I’m participating in?
NameJet sends email notifications directly to you. These notifications include missing account information, auction start notices, auction closing times, auction outbid notices, payment information and registrar provisioning information.

If I win a domain, how do I get control of my domain?
If you are the winner of the auction, NameJet will notify you and charge the credit card on file if the price is less than $5000 USD (or provide wire instructions if it is greater than $5000). After the domain has been paid for, you will receive the domain name in your account at the registrar where your application was originally placed.

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